Content Strategy

The content strategist identifies those business interests that will be satisfied through content and designs a plan for creating and distributing such content. The specifics of the role will depend on the business interests and the proposed strategy.

Some activities are frequent enough that they bear mentioning. Depending on the business goals you’re supporting, you may or may not need each of these pieces.

SEO Result, Increase Visitors 65%

A complete SEO content strategy will include these processes. With the glut of content published daily online, you must be strategic to garner the attention needed for success. Many brands believe publishing blog post after blog post will lead to more links, higher rankings, and increased website visitors.

However, SEO is not so simple — you need to be link-worthy to secure links, there are a variety of factors beyond content and links that influence rankings, and you must build strategic buyer funnels to sustainably build relevant traffic.